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One of the things I love about my obsession with Christmas music isn't just the delectable Christmas music it brings me - it is discovering artists I might not have otherwise known about and then spending the new year immersed in their back catalogue. One such act is charming Nashville duo, Jessie Kol. The husband and wife team mix elegant guitar instrumentals with heartfelt vocals to craft a gentle wall of sound that, rightly, relies on emotions, melody and talent to embed the songs into your cerebral cortex. Their Christmas EP, Christmas Time Is Here, is an evocative rumination on a season that yields as many melancholy moments as it does giddy highs. It is beautifully sung, exquisitely produced and elicits memories and emotions that will linger long past the season.

The EP opens with the title track, Christmas Time Is Here. This 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' staple is a perfect introduction, both to the EP and the duo's style of music. The lyrics are sparkling with Yuletide imagery that intricately crafts winter wonderland portraits - yet there is a sadness to the music that gives an aura of being detached from the happiness, viewing it from a far. Jessie sings this perfectly - an elegiac yearning in her expressive voice that accentuates the pathos of the accompanying instrumental. It all coalesces to give a haunting, atmospheric vibe as breathtaking as the first snowfall of the season. Shimmering jingle bells usher in Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - an equally as mesmerising interpretation that offers a little more hope and optimism. The stoic guitar reminds us that this is a message that has endured the test of time, whilst the aching, nuanced vical underscores the sincerity and fervent nature of this timeless wish. Lovely, lilting and languorous, this is an aural hug to stir the senses and soothe the soul.

I'll Be Home For Christmas continues the delicate balance of melancholy and joy, with satisfying results. It has an otherworldly quality to it, bought about by warming score and earnest singing. The genius of this album is how the songs feel so personal and intimate, own experiences infused into the performance. Jessie excels at bringing to life the sense of wanting something so very much that you convince yourself it is possible (all the time knowing it is a promise you could break). This magical partnership ensures the listener is captivated by the mellifluous tale unfolding before them. The EP closer, Silent Night, continues this love affair. Despite being more overtly religious than its predecessors, it still conveys an impression of pondering mixed with wonderment and awe. Like the opening track, this is an impeccable conclusion that brings this enchanting journey full circle. Smitten


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